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Filmmakers Nathaniel Jameson and Diego Marquez Announce Production of Short Film Fine Wine

New York, NY —

Verona-based filmmaker Diego Marquez Todeschini and multifaceted artist Nathaniel Jameson are teaming up for their latest project, Fine Wine, with production set to kick off in early June in upstate New York. The short film promises to blend their unique talents in an absurdist adventure through a post-apocalyptic world.


Directed by Diego Marquez Todeschini and written by, and starring Nathaniel Jameson, Fine Wine follows the story of Sem, a haggard sommelier who, after surviving an unexplained extinction event, copes with his existence by making video reviews of different wines alongside Nip, his cameraman sidekick. As they begin to encounter malevolent creatures in the forest, the duo must either wake up to their reality or drown in their delusions.


The collaboration between Jameson and Marquez brings together their different skills and backgrounds, creating a film that's both captivating and thought-provoking. Jameson, known for his storytelling chops, seamlessly blends acting and writing, while Marquez, with his directorial flair, adds depth and style to the project. The film also marks the first collaboration between the two production companies Broken Film and You'll Find Out.


In addition to the creative talents of Jameson and Marquez, Fine Wine benefits from the contributions of highly esteemed New York-based artists, including cinematographer Luke Lehner and art director Ivy Blackshire, whose expertise adds depth and richness to the visual tapestry of the film.


As production for Fine Wine gets underway, excitement is building for what promises to be a captivating cinematic journey. Stay tuned for updates as Jameson, Marquez, and their talented team bring Fine Wine to life on the silver screen.

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