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WINDOW to premiere at New York Shorts International Film Festival.

New York, NY — Renowned filmmaker Diego Marquez Todeschini is set to enthrall audiences with his latest cinematic creation, Window, which will have its premiere at the esteemed New York Shorts International Film Festival. The film will be exclusively showcased on The Shorts Network from October 1st to October 31st, 2023. Window challenges conventional narratives, urging viewers to confront the unsettling realities of contemporary society. The storyline centers on a young man teetering on the edge of throwing himself out of his bedroom window. Shot on location in Berlin, the production is noteworthy for its international cast and crew, bringing together emerging young talents from around the world and transcending geographical boundaries. The film stars Thomas Camorani, a distinguished Italian actor renowned for his roles in Under the Riccione Sun (2020) and the Netflix series Summertime (2020). This collaboration represents Camorani's debut with an internationally acclaimed director. Diego Marquez Todeschini, a filmmaker with an irreverent and sardonic viewpoint of the world, has showcased his talent through notable works like Savages! (2021) and Lights Off (2022). A graduate of New York's Bard College, Diego has been mentored by film industry luminaries such as Kelly Reichardt, Charles Burnett, and Lisa Krueger. His 2021 short film Savages! was featured in the 3rd edition of the Venezuelan Art Fair in New York City. Window is produced by Broken Film, and it is their most successful short film to date. Originally established in Caracas, Venezuela, Broken Film has evolved into a dynamic production entity committed to providing young filmmakers a platform to share their unique narratives. Their objective is to foster creativity and bring vitality to the perspectives of up-and-coming filmmakers from all around the globe. The New York Shorts International Film Festival, a non-profit organization, unites people through the art of short films. This year's festival showcases over 340 short films, special events, talks, retrospectives, and tributes with honored guests, solidifying its position as one of North America's premier short film exhibitions. Recognized as the largest short film festival on the East Coast, it also serves as a qualifying film festival for the Canadian Screen Awards, presented by The Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television. The festival has a rich tradition of propelling filmmakers to international acclaim, with many going on to become Academy Award® Nominees.



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